Crimson Cash Terms and Conditions

  1. Crimson Cash accounts are not transferable.
  2. No interest or other earnings will be paid to the ID or generic card holder or credited by Harvard University.
  3. Refunds are only permitted upon graduation, withdrawal, or employment termination from the University. Refunds are NOT issued for Crimson Cash generic "white" cards (non-ID Cards).
  4. Campus Services reserves the right to close Crimson Cash accounts twelve (12) months after the cardholder graduates, withdraws or terminates employment from the University.
  5. Restitution is required for overdrafts resulting from off-line transactions.
  6. Harvard University Campus Services is not responsible for any loss due to lost or stolen ID cards.
  7. There is no minimum dollar amount of value addition, however the maximum dollar value addition is $300. Value additions are usually instantaneous but may be delayed due to network traffic.
  8. Crimson Cash account balances cannot exceed $500. Campus Services reserves the right to contact ID card holders with balances in excess of this amount.
  9. Campus Services reserves the right to credit back deposits to the original credit/debit card or bank account if an account exceeds the maximum balance of $500.
  10. Crimson Cash may not be used for the purchase of gift cards.

Revised: June 12, 2019