Laundry Support

Need help with a washer or dryer? Please contact customer care at Mac-Gray Solutions . Please note that access to any of the Laundry locations noted below is limited to those with building security access. Please watch the below video to learn about some helpful tips you can take to help prevent the COVID-19 spread when doing laundry.

Laundry-101 Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Intro to Laundry (How to do Laundry in 13 Easy Steps)

Laundry-101 Intro to Laundry

Laundry Locations

Below is a list of laundry locations which accept Crimson Cash. Please use the convenience of the LaundryView Monitoring System to view the status and availability of washers and dryers in your location. First select your Harvard school. For example for undergraduates select Harvard Undergraduate Housing and then select your location.

10 DeWolfe Street,10 DeWolfe Street
1201/Inn at Harvard,1201 Mass Ave
1350 Mass Ave
1350 Mass Ave - FL 4
Lowell House X3 (N, EL 11, WL 22)
MacArthur House FL1 & FL 2
New Quincy - student
20 DeWolfe,20 DeWolfe Street
Adams House,26 Plympton Street
Apley Court,16 Holyoke Street
Cabot House/Bertram Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Cabot House/Briggs Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Cabot House/Eliot Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Cabot House/Whitman Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Canaday Hall,Yard
Child Hall,26 Everett Street
Conant Hall,36 Oxford Street
Currier House/Bingham Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Currier House/Daniels Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Currier House/Gilbert Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Currier House/Tuchman Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Dunster House,945 Memorial Drive
Eliot House - Student,101 Dunster Street
Eliot House - Tutor,101 Dunster Street
Greenough Hall,Yard/Prescott Street
Hurlbut Hall,Yard/391 Harvard Street
Kirkland House,95 Dunster Street
Kirkland House,95 Dunster Street
Leverett House,28 DeWolfe Street
Leverett House,28 DeWolfe Street
Leverett/McKlintock,28 DeWolfe Street
Mather House,10 Cowperthwaite Street
Mather House,10 Cowperthwaite Street
Matthews Hall,Yard
Perkins Hall,35 Oxford Street
Pforzheimer House/Comstock Hall,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Holmes Hall,18 Everett Street
Pforzheimer House/Jordan North,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Jordan South,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Moors Hall,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Wolbach Hall,60 Garden Street
Quincy House - 6th Floor,20 DeWolfe Street
Quincy House - Student,20 DeWolfe Street
Quincy House - Tutor,20 DeWolfe Street
Quincy House - Stone Hall,20 DeWolfe Street
Richards Hall,24 Everett Street
Rock Café, Ctr. for Study of World Relig.,42 Francis Avenue
Stoughton Hall,Yard
Thayer Hall,Yard
Weld Hall,Yard
Wigglesworth Hall,Yard
Winthrop/Gore,32 Mill Street
Winthrop/Standish,32 Mill Street
HMS - Shattuck,25 Shattuck Street, Boston
HMS - Vanderbilt,107 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston