Laundry Support

Need help with a washer or dryer? Please contact customer care. Please note that due to COVID-19 you may not have physical access to all Laundry locations due to building security access restrictions.

Mac-Gray Solutions

Laundry Locations

10 DeWolfe Street,10 DeWolfe Street
1201/Inn at Harvard,1201 Mass Ave
20 DeWolfe,20 DeWolfe Street
Adams House,26 Plympton Street
Apley Court,16 Holyoke Street
Cabot House/Bertram Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Cabot House/Briggs Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Cabot House/Eliot Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Cabot House/Whitman Hall,60 Linnaean Street
Canaday Hall,Yard
Child Hall,26 Everett Street
Conant Hall,36 Oxford Street
Currier House/Bingham Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Currier House/Daniels Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Currier House/Gilbert Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Currier House/Tuchman Hall,64 Linnaean Street
Dunster House,945 Memorial Drive
Eliot House - Student,101 Dunster Street
Eliot House - Tutor,101 Dunster Street
Greenough Hall,Yard/Prescott Street
Hurlbut Hall,Yard/391 Harvard Street
Kirkland House,95 Dunster Street
Kirkland House,95 Dunster Street
Leverett House,28 DeWolfe Street
Leverett House,28 DeWolfe Street
Leverett/McKlintock,28 DeWolfe Street
Mather House,10 Cowperthwaite Street
Mather House,10 Cowperthwaite Street
Matthews Hall,Yard
Perkins Hall,35 Oxford Street
Pforzheimer House/Comstock Hall,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Holmes Hall,18 Everett Street
Pforzheimer House/Jordan North,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Jordan South,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Moors Hall,56 Linnaean Street
Pforzheimer House/Wolbach Hall,60 Garden Street
Quincy House - 6th Floor,20 DeWolfe Street
Quincy House - Student,20 DeWolfe Street
Quincy House - Tutor,20 DeWolfe Street
Quincy House - Stone Hall,20 DeWolfe Street
Richards Hall,24 Everett Street
Rock Café, Ctr. for Study of World Relig.,42 Francis Avenue
Stoughton Hall,Yard
Thayer Hall,Yard
Weld Hall,Yard
Wigglesworth Hall,Yard
Winthrop/Gore,32 Mill Street
Winthrop/Standish,32 Mill Street
HMS - Shattuck,25 Shattuck Street, Boston
HMS - Vanderbilt,107 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston