Dining On Campus

Please enjoy the use of your Crimson Cash dollars at one of the following participating on-campus locations. Please note that due to COVID-19 the below on campus dining locations may not be open or may have restricted operating hours and/or limited seating availability. We encourage you to call in advance for more information.


Barker 12 Quincy Street (617) 496-8685 Temporarily closed

Bauer 7 Divinity Avenue (617) 496-9798 Temporarily closed

Cabot Cafe Cabot House Email Temporarily closed

Cafe Gato Rojo Harvard Yard, Lehman Hall Basement (617) 496-4658 Temporarily closed

Cambridge Queen's Head 45 Quincy Street (617) 495-5107 Temporarily closed

CGIS Knafel Building, 1737 Cambridge Street (617) 496-9617 PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Clover Harvard Science Center @cloverfoodlab Opening 8/31/2021

Cronkhite 84 Brattle Street (617) 495-8687 PERMANENTLY CLOSED

GSAS Commons Harvard Yard, Lehman Hall (617) 495-3381 Opened 8/25/2021

Dunster Grille Dunster House, C-Entryway Temporarily closed

Eliot Grille Eliot House, Basement of J-Entryway Temporarily closed

Harvard Kennedy School 19 Eliot Street (617) 496-5548 Opened 8/2/2021

Lamont Library 11 Quincy Street (617) 495-3238 Temporarily closed

LISE Laboratory for Integrated and Applied Sciences, Oxford Street (617) 496-7178 OPENING 8/30/2021

Northwest Cafe 52 Oxford Street (617) 495-4529 Open

Perkins Observatory Cart Perkins Observatory at Garden Street (617) 496-9546 Temporarily closed

Quad Grille Pfoho, Holmes Hall, First Floor Temporarily closed

Quincy Grille Quincy House Temporarily closed

SEC 150 Webster Avenue, Allston NOW OPEN


Sebastian's Cafe Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Kresge Building, 677 Huntington Ave (617) 432-1045 NOW OPEN

Dining Halls Open on Campus:

Adams House
Annenberg Dining Hall
Cabot/Pforzheimer Houses
Currier House
Dunster/Mather Houses
Eliot/Kirkland Houses
Leverett House
Lowell House
Winthrop House
Quincy House