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Dining On Campus
Please enjoy the use of your Crimson Cash dollars at one of the following participating on-campus locations.


Barker 12 Quincy Street (617) 495-3298

Bauer 7 Divinity Avenue (617) 496-9798

Café Gato Rojo Harvard Yard, Lehman Hall Basement (617)496-4658

Cambridge Queen's Head 45 Quincy Street (617) 495-5107

Chauhaus at the GSD 48 Quincy Street (617) 496-1244

CGIS Knafel Building, 1737 Cambridge Street (617) 496-9617

Cronkhite 6 Ash Street (617) 495-8687

Dudley Harvard Yard, Lehman Hall (617) 495-3381

Greenhouse Café Science Center (617) 496-4790

Harvard Faculty Club 20 Quincy Street (617) 495-5758

HKS - Harvard Kennedy School 79 JFK Street (617) 496-5548

HLS - Harkness Cafeteria (“The Hark ”) Harkness Commons (617) 495-4271

HLS - Pub Harvard Law School (617) 495-4271

Lamont Library 11 Quincy Street

LISE Laboratory for Integrated and Applied Sciences, Oxford Street

Northwest Café 52 Oxford Street (617) 495-4540

Perkins Observatory Cart Perkins Observatory at Garden Street (617) 496-9546


HMS - Atrium Café 2nd floor Atrium in TMEC

HMS - Courtyard Café 210 Longwood Avenue

HMS - Elements Café 1st floor of the NRB at 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur

Sebastian's Café Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Kresge Building, 677 Huntington Ave (617) 432-1045

Belva's Cafe (Divinity) Cabot Cafe Conroy Commons (GSE) Dunster Grille Eliot Grille Pforzheimer Grille Quincy Grille The Rock Belva's Cafe (Divinity) Cabot Cafe Conroy Commons (GSE) Dunster Grille Eliot Grille Pforzheimer Grille Quincy Grille The Rock
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